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Elisabeth Sylvan

Elisabeth Sylvan, PhD

I am a Research Scientist in human-centered computing who is interested in how sociotechnical systems support creativity and shared knowledge. My most recent work in the Educational Gaming Group at TERC focuses on the creative design processes of game design teams and on the diffusion of ideas in communities of science inquiry within social games and virtual worlds. My dissertation work done at the MIT Media Lab presented a framework outlining how technologically-supported communities of self-motivated learners (Scratch Online Community and the Computer Clubhouse Village) share work, influence one another, and learn from one another. I received my Ph.D. and M.S. from the MIT Media Lab, and my B.S. in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to this, I was a web developer and project manager in high-tech start-ups.

Interests: Human-centered computing, social computing, sociotechnical systems, technological tools for learning, creativity and technology, diffusion of ideas in technologically-mediated environments, online communities of creators, social networks and learning, human computer interaction.

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